Rateboards are the international symbol of high quality, dependable foreign exchange.

They are instantly recognised by visitors from all parts of the world and UK customers wanting to travel the world.

Placed in high traffic areas and the Bureau itself, Rateboards create high levels of customer confidence, establishing you as a credible, responsible financial supplier in addition to delivering real-time exchange rates.

Pericom Rateboards are also a valuable marketing tool, creating maximum visual impact in customer facing environments.

Presented in your own corporate identity and designed to your specific requirements they provide a strong visual signature for your Bureau.

Our screen-based digital rateboards have the added benefit of an integrated media player which can be used to display marketing information such as special offers and corporate videos.

To reduce downtime our display products are built to exacting standards of quality and reliability.

To keep your staff and your customers safe our  products meet all UK and International safety regulations.



Displayed prominently Pericom FX Displays will ensure full compliance with the Price Indications (Bureau de Change) Regulations 1992 No 316.

Section 26 of the Consumer Protection act 1981 appying to any person operating a Bureau de Change states that rates must be clearly and prominently visible to each consumer as he approaches the premises or the part where the Bureau de Change operates. (click for more information)


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