Based on the powerful Linux operating system the PCM is a sophisticated front end application which puts you in control of your FX display content.

PCM allows full customisation of your display, including:

Rate Lines. 5 fixed and 6 scrolling. The scrolling lines enable the display of unlimited additional currencies not usually required.

Colour configuration from a pre-set list of different colour schemes.

Highlighting of fixed lines by flashing or alternative colour.

Terms and Conditions area created using standard colours and fonts. Although primarily designed for T’s and C’s this is a general text area where ant desired information can be displayed.

Location banners, mini-adds full screen adds, static or movies in full HD or 4k UHD. 

Moving messages, banners and strap lines.

Display of company web address if required.

Time, date and temperature automatically configured for the location.

Weather and location announcements.

Full sreen posters in the chosen format.

Estate Management. Where all the information relating to the  estate is maintained. Products can be added, deleted and assigned new addresses at will. The integrity of the estate can be established via a Test Status.

If requiredl PCM training can be provided. Alternatively Pericom will provide a full turnkey service.

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