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Pericom has the highest number of Traditional Rateboards installed in the UK, most of them under full support contracts.

Inherently reliable, low voltage for safety and low cost, our LED Rateboards feature clear, bright, red or white characters on a black background for maximum visual impact.

Character size and the number of rows and columns can vary depending on the application and budget.

In order to maintain maximum visibility a Lighting Sensor automatically adjusts character brightness in line with ambient light conditions.

Rateboards can be used free standing, mounted on cables or on a wall using the industry standard Vesa mounting points for TV brackets.

Supplied in a range of standard and custom sizes featuring Click & Change front panels for corporate branding updates.

Pericom LCD Rateboards feature high contrast solid characters in white on a dark background with a wide viewing angle.

Combining advanced light box technology with digital displays enables our LCD Rateboard to create maximum impact in all lighting conditions.

Custom built to your requirements our LCD Rateboards are available with standard or extra-large characters , optional moving messages or poster holders.


All Traditional Rateboards feature;

  • Custom solutions at off-the-shelf timescales.
  •  Full compatibility with FX software.
  •  Updating either manually or from back office computer.
  •  I.P addressability.
  •  Designed and manufactured in the UK to exacting international standards for safety and omissions.
  • Full compliance with UK regulations.



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