Low cost traditional layout

  • Standard A2 poster size
  •  Click&Change front fascia for fast re-branding
  • No more costly update programmes
  • Familiar 2 Column 6 line format
  • Standard size Red or White characters
  • Flexible layout for maximum customisation


A Dynamic Visual Focal Point designed to increase  Transaction Rates

Updating  by infra – red remote control or back office computer

Compatible with all major FX Software

Designed and manufactured in the UK


Options available include:

Black or silver Click Frame

Rear mounted matching Click Frame poster holder

Wire suspension mounting kit

Custom designed  facias

Alternative layouts

Full on-site custom installation




Dimensions: W450 x H620 x D50 mm

Weight: 5Kg

Power: 220 – 240v 50htz 30W input to 12V via transformer

Operating Temp: +5 – +40 o C

Characters: 15.6mm 7 segment LED Red or White

Connectivity: RS232 (optional IP addressing)


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