Pericom Digital Rateboards

Putting you in control.


A powerful multimedia Foreign Exchange display solution designed to enhance customer experience and maximise business opportunities.

Fully compatible with Pericom’s traditional Rateboards for simple system integration and mix and match estates.

  •  Integrated Intel NUC computer. Small and fast with low power consumption.
  •  Flexible Content Manager (PCM) for full customisation of all screen areas.
  •  Info-Pane for the display of important marketing messages in a variety of static and movie formats.
  •  Multilingual capability so information can be displayed in a language of choice.

Pericom Digital Rateboards are available in a variety of display sizes and resolutions depending on the application and budget available.

The use of standard TV’s or Monitors worldwide operation.

Digital Rateboards are a direct, fully programmable Traditional Rateboard alternative for applications where additional flexibility and functionality is desired but full compatibility and look and feel is paramount. They provide:

  •  Real- time, secure Rate updates for immediate response to changing market conditions and elimination of human error.
  •  Remote control of Rates using serial, FTP or Private GSM Networks.
  •  Alternative manual control via a USB memory stick.
  •  Estate Management with Status test facility.
  •  Poster mode for the display of full multi-media adverts.
  • Unlimited Content Deployment and Hosting.
  • Secure UK Tier 1 Data Centre.
  • Daily broadcasting of exchange rates direct to stores.
  • Display of weather, news and location feeds.
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring.
  • Full Customisation within a Global Format.
  • Low cost upgrades for corporate branding.


Creating high levels of customer confidence, maximum visual impact and strong corporate branding.




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