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Facilities Include:

  • Currency rates and marketing information broadcasting
  • Telephone support
  • Ad-hoc site visits
  • Annual service and support contracts
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Re-locations
  • Upgrades and re-branding
  • Support of third party products in a mixed contract
  • Full industry standard cable installation service

We recommend our traditional, fully comprehensive break/fix service level contracts which can be tailored to the exact needs of your business.

Contracts can include a mix of Rateboards from different suppliers.





Operating your Bureau without Rateboards contravenes UK legislation and reduces customer footfall.

Trust Pericom Support to get you up and running without delay.



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How Pericom can help:

  • Providing a fast return on investment by keeping costs low and increasing customer footfall
  • Creating products with your individual branding and values
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