Creating maximum impact for busy retail environments.


Video Walls will make you stand out from the crowd.

When used in conjunction with Pericom Smart Rateboards they can provide the marketing image for the whole bureau, making a significant statement which will drive customer footfall.

Our Video Wall partner, LG, has a wealth of experience and a wide range of world class products for indoor and outdoor applications, either stand alone or as part of a video wall.

We will help you to choose the products best suited for your application and carry out a full design and installation service.

Solutions recently installed include:

LED SEMI-OUTDOOR DISPLAYS, designed for window applications where high brightness and reduced glare are paramount.

  •  Ideal for windows in direct sunlight.
  •  Wide viewing angle.
  •  Anti-reflection treatment.
  •  Narrow, slim design.
  • High resolution.
  •  High reliability, 24/7 operation.
  •  No blackening effect from light or heat.
  •  Low screen temperature.
  •  Sizes 49” and 55”.
  •  Landscape or portrait mode.

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plane video wall






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LED FULL OUTDOOR DISPLAY. The ultimate visibility enhancement.

  •  High brightness.
  •  Reduced glare.
  •  No blackening effect from light or heat.
  •  Built-in fan for optimal ventilation.
  •  Reflected sunlight for a highly visible, cleaner image.
  • Open frame for easier integration.
  •  Smart energy saving, up to 30% reduction.
  •  Size 49” or 55″


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LED NARROW BEZEL The smartest choice for seamless integration.

  •  Super slim bezel, 0.9mm, for high impact video walls.
  •  No blackening effect from light or heat.
  •  Auto-calibration for fast video wall construction.
  •  High picture quality with deeper black.
  • Auto-high Resolution, supports full HD for a super fine image. 1920×1080 Resolution.
  •  True wide feature reduces distortion and colour changes from wide viewing angles.
  •  True colour IPS technology.
  •  Stable panel leaves no marks when touched.
  •  24/7 operation.
  •  Low power consumption.
  •  sizes 49” and 55”

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VIDEO WALLS can add significantly to your marketing program. LG and Pericom together can supply and configure seamless walls to your unique specification.

So call our Display Team today and discover a whole new world of Display Technology. 

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