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Enterprise Networks give your organisation access to shared data and facilities on a local, national and global basis.

Providing applications such as Internet Access, shared use of storage, servers, printers and fax machines together with the use of e-mail and instant messaging.

Security is maintained by preventing and monitoring any unauthorised access using the latest security software.

Intranets provide private access within your own business whilst Secure Remote Access allows suppliers and customers to share information with you. Web access permits virtually unlimited global connectivity.

Once designed and implemented your network will become the backbone of your business, running mission critical applications which you simply cannot function without.

Connectivity Products from business grade broadband to FTTP, SOGEA and Fibre based services.  


Leased lines for connection to the internet or connecting sites together can be delivered via Full Fibre Ethernet, Ethernet Over FTTC/GEA, Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and Point to Point Ethernet.

Secure Co-Location Services provide business continuity in the event of a major incident.

Consultants analyse, design, implement, upgrade and migrate leading edge network solutions.

All delivered fully factory tested and configured, on-time and on budget.


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